Grading is an important part of any outdoor building project. Without the proper grading, water can get into your home or business. The water has to flow away from the structure. Keep this in mind anytime that you're building something, whether it be a new home, a business, or a chicken coup. Here at A2B Contracting LLC, we're experts in grading. We have the big machines needed to move the dirt around. We have the knowledge needed to understand the proper slope of your entire property.

The best time for residents of Easley, SC, Seneca, Greenville, and other surrounding areas to call us, is at the beginning of the project. If you wait until after your structure is erected, you run the risk of water seeping into the structure and causing damage. However, we know that this is not always possible. You may have bought a property with a structure already in place that is sustaining water damage because the land was not graded correctly. Call us to rectify the situation. We're happy to come out look at the property and give you a price quote.

The purpose of having your yard graded is to make it slope so the water is carried to the area where you want it to go. The slope has to be enough to lead the water away, yet not so much that water puddles in other areas on the property. This is what we'll do for you.

We can also tackle many other jobs on your property. We do demolition, clearing septic installation, and more.